Saturday, April 22, 2006




From Zaman Online : "Iranian security forces killed 10 members of Pejak, which is affiliated with the PKK (Kurdish Workers’ Party) terror organization, in a major anti-terror operation.

"According to the reports, Iranian forces are conducting large scale operations near the Turkish and Iraqi borders after the PKK terrorists wintering in northern Iraq began to infiltrate the border with Turkey and Iran.

"Some 10,000 Iranian forces are taking part in the operation. 10 PKK terrorists were killed while six Iranian security forces lost their lives in the clashes. Several PKK terrorists were injured in the clashes.

"The Iranian operation coincides with major Turkish anti-terror operations near the Iraqi border. Turkish security forces, backed by helicopters, are carrying out operations against PKK terrorists in the region near Iraqi border. More than 35 PKK terrorists have been killed recently in the region."

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has said the US are "committed" to stopping terrorists using Iraq territory to launch incursions into Turkey territory.

Turkey's been putting in the calls to the US but claim to be getting little real response back, and are yet to take serious measures to crush the PKK terrorists operating in Northern Iraq.

Turkish intelligence sources claims up to 3000 PKK/KADEK terrorists are based in Northern Iraq, hiding out in the mountains there.

The US is supposed to be working with Iraq and Turkey to deal with the problem, but from today's reports it sounds like Turkey might have turned to Iran for help, and that would include the sharing of intelligence if Iran is now launching major combat operations.

As the US shares Iraq-based intelligence with Turkey, it certainly sounds like Iran now has access to that same US-culled intelligence.

Iran now appears to be doing what the US cannot, or will not, do. Taking care of some of the terrorist-related problems in Iraq.