Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Libya = Pentagon Vs China

China's interests in Libya, which supplies 3-5% of its oil, also act as a gateway to its tens of billions of dollars worth of investments across Africa in mining, infrastructure development and oil & gas.

Asia Time's Pepe Escobar :
"The Muslim Brotherhood is a weaponised, ideological arm of Saudi Arabia."

"The problem is there are different Washington agendas, White House, national security agencies, the CIA, the Pentagon."

"The next domino to fall, if we follow the agenda established by the Pentagon is Syria....The Pentagon is basically the Africa agenda, they want to win the war in Libya, install a Africa base in Africa....then there are the dominoes, Libya, Ivory Coast, Eritrea, Zimbawbe, Somalia. So these are the next dominoes to fall, according to the Africa Pentagon agenda. Then later on the big dominoes would the countries where China has substantial interests. Example, Angola, Algeria, Nigera, Equitorial Guinea...."

"China...their counter strategy, if they see they're foundering in Africa....they would renew their ties with South America and Central Asia..."

Monday, April 04, 2011

War On Libya Propaganda Push Falls Apart On Live TV

"This Is Americans Killing Muslims Again, And It Looks Like It's For Oil"

A mainstream media guest goes off script on Libya, and look at the shock of the presenters, no doubt being yelled at in their ear pieces by producers to cut away for a commercial :

Blackwater's worst nightmare, journalist Jeremy Scahill cuts through the bullshit on the War On Libya :