Tuesday, August 02, 2011

How Much Does It Cost To Kill Or Assassinate Every Alleged 'Terrorist' In The War On Terror?

Former Director of Nation Intelligence Dennis Blair has announced the War on Terror, including drone attacks in Pakistan, Waziristan and Afghanistan are not worth the expense involved. Most of the alleged 'terrorists' and 'senior terrorist leaders' are nobodies.

Blair said between the US intelligence community and its homeland security offshoots and sub-contractors, more than $80 billion a year is being spent.

He calculates a figure of America spending some $20 million to capture and kill every one of the 4000 or so members of Al Qaeda he believes are still alive in the world today.

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But are there even 4000 die-hard, sucicide-bomb ready Al Qaeada anything left? Other intellience experts have put the total number of Al Qaeada who pose a threat to the United Sstates, or United States' expansive interests, at less than a few hundred, all of whom are rapidly losing support in the wake of mostly non-violent Arab Spring movement.

So maybe not $20 million being spent to catch each one of these terrorists.

Perhaps, $100 million each, or more.

Somebody's getting rich.

It ain't you, and it sure ain't 'Al Qaeda'.