Saturday, March 08, 2008

I've neglected this blog in the past couple of months. Too distracted by novel writing, maintaining other blogs and real world commitments. Outside of news reporting of the attacks and battles of our new world war, there seems little new that can be said about the key war zones of Afghanistan and Iraq, and the 'War on Terror' in general.

There'll be more essays and stories here in the future, but if you've found your way here, and want the latest news, the best daily news aggregation services for the events of the Fourth World War would be these two :


Information Clearing House

Though if you read both daily, you'll probably become like me after a while, and be no longer able to soak up the horrors without it affecting your other work. It's good to be informed, but there can be limits on war-related information overload.

Taking a break from the daily news feeds sometimes to remember what was, and has always been, important in your life and remembering to enjoy yourself is also essential.

Two other blogs I write are getting daily, or near daily updates, some of which are related to the events of the Fourth World War. Those two blogs are :

The Orstrahyun

Your New Reality

The novel I've been writing online for the past few months is here :

ED Day : Dead Sydney