Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Afghanistan : 100 Slaughtered In Deadliest Day Of Terror Since 2001

NATO Air Strikes Kill 'Dozens' Of Taliban And Civilians

ABC News is reporting that some 90 people, including at least six lawmakers, have been killed in a massive suicide bombing in Northern Afghanistan. More than 50 people have been wounded :
...a suicide bomber has killed 90 people and wounded 50 including six members of a visiting group of Afghan parliamentarians in the northern Afghan town of Baghlan, the director of the local hospital said.

"The bodies of 90 people have been brought to the hospital so far and 50 people have been wounded," Baghlan hospital director Dr Khalilullah told Reuters.

Six parliamentarians, including opposition spokesman Mostafa Kazemi, were among those killed, the provincial governor said.

The hardline Islamist Taliban have killed more than 200 people in more than 130 suicide attacks so far this year in a campaign of violence aimed at convincing Afghans their government and its Western backers are incapable of providing security.

Up until this attack, more Afghan civilians had been killed by NATO air strikes and massacres than by Taliban or Al Qaeda suicide bombings.

Italy's AGI News is reporting today that "dozens" of Taliban fighters were killed yesterday during NATO airstrikes in north-western Afghanistan :
Reports were from an Afghan Defence Ministry spokesman, Zahir Azimi, who said that among the fighters eliminated there was also their commander. Eyewitnesses reported that also an undefined number of civilians were killed, including two children, and that many houses were destroyed.

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