Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bush Refused Saddam's Exile Offer

$1 Billion 'Exit Fee' Versus $1 Trillion War

Why Saddam wanted to go into exile...

For the more open-eyed, and open-minded, watchers of the Iraq War, the news that President Bush turned down Saddam Hussein's offer to go into exile, months before the Iraq War began, is hardly breaking news. Arch NeoCon, and key Iraq War cheerleader Richard Perle acknowledged before the war began that he was involved in negotiations regarding Saddam Hussein's offer to go into exile.

But BushCo. wanted the Iraq War, and they were going to go to war regardless of what Saddam Hussein did or did not do.

A story from the UK Daily Mail, claims Saddam Hussein wanted $1 billion to go into exile. But, back in early 2003, BushCo. refused. The War On Iraq was a go. How could it be stopped? The stock price for Boeing and Raytheon was climbing in anticipation of all the new 'defence' contracts to come.

$1 billion is a lot, but it's nothing compared to the $1.2 trillion bill the United States is already racking up in going to War On Iraq. And it's a small chunk of the more than $8 billion the United States "lost track of" in Iraq, when tons of cash was literally forklifted off the back of planes, before going missing.

War is first, and above all, a business. And business has never been so good for the American, Australian, British and Israeli war industries now supplying bullets, bombs, helicopter gun ships and other (some experimental) assorted human-slaying devices to the 'free fire' weapons range that is now Iraq.

Saddam going into exile in late February, 2003, would have made justifying the 'War On Iraq' all but impossible for President Bush, especially considering he failed to get a second resolution from the United Nations, and more than 10 million people around the world were marching in opposition.

The new revelations also render President Bush's demands that Saddam leave Iraq, only two days before the war began, to be nothing more than an utterly cynical, disgusting last ditch attempt to try and claim the moral high ground for an horrific, unprovoked war on an all but defenceless people. A large number of whom were children, many of whom are now dead. Or dying.

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