Friday, July 13, 2007

United States Rejects Russia's Offer To Join European 'Integrated Missile Shield'

Russia has offered to build a "global integrated missile shield" that would cover all of Europe.

This is Russia's alternative to the US National Missile Defence 'shield' that will see the US deploying missiles close to Russia's borders, in Eastern Europe, primarily the Czech Republic and Poland. Russia sees the US plans for an Eastern European-based missile shield as a threat.
During talks between presidents Bush and Putin in the US two weeks ago, Russia offered to bring the United States in on the development of the integrated European shield, and to share key technologies.

However, the United States quickly rejected Russia's offer and is pushing ahead with its original plans.

Naturally, this decision has not gone over well in Russia, or China, or Iran, or in some nations of the European Union. Refusing to even enter into a period of talks with Russia over a jointly-run and controlled global missile shield sees the United States as being unreasonable, and betrays its true intentions for its own missile shield.

Russia is expected to soon announce its own plans for a global missile shield, in conjunction with Shanghai Co-Operation Organisation (SCO) nations, including China, Iran and Pakistan. The US missile shield plan will see its missile pointed squarely at Russia, though Bush Co. continues to maintain such missile deployments should not be seen by Russia as a threat. Of course not.

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