Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Aussie PM Admits Iraq War Was A War For Oil

Howard Says Australian Troops Won't Leave Iraq Until Iraq Government Says They "Go Home"

No great surprise to anyone, I'm sure, but the Australian prime minister, John Howard, will admit today, in a major policy speech on national security and the Iraq War, that Australia joined the Coalition of the Willing to help secure future oil supplies for his country.

And he is also going to commit Australian troops to years more service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

From The Orstrahyun :
In short, Australia will keep fighting the 'War on Terror' for as long as the 'War on Terror' helps to keep spawning new terrorists.

Which also means Australia will keep spending more than $23 billion a year on defence, the second highest per person defence spend in the world (after the United States) for years to come. Not much is expected to change on that front even if Kevin Rudd, and Labor, win the federal election later this year.
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