Thursday, May 24, 2007

News In Brief

We'll have some more substantial stories to follow in the coming days, but for now here's a quick round up of some of the stories that have grabbed our attention, and are essential to the big picture of the The Fourth World War.


At Least Nine Soldiers Killed In Attacks, Roadside Bombings

Iraqi Officials Claim Some 70 percent Of Foreign Insurgents From Gulf States

Two Months Into The Troop Surge, And the Violence In Iraq Grows

US Prepares For Widespread, Detailed Peace Negotiations With Sunni Insurgents

But Sunnis Are Also Talking About An Alliance With The Sadrists

Iraqi Government Isn't Convinced US Troops Will Stay, Prepares For Quick US Pullout

The Most Deadly Month for British Troops In Iraq

A New Iraq War Strategy Is Being Finalised, Apparently

Two Year Old Declassified Documents Claim Bin Laden Dreams Of A 'Terror Sanctuary' In Iraq

So Many Gun Battles, So Little Ammo : Bullet Shortages Become Reality In Iraq

Iraq's Latest Export? Opium!

Iraqi President Demands Tribes Fight Militants And Al Qaeda Across The Country

More Bombings Kill Dozens More Iraqis


Islamists Vow To Never Stop Fighting In Face Of Full Army Assault

Defence Minister Issues Ultimatum, Vows To Send Army Into Refugee Camps

Lebanon Asks The US For More Money, As Tripoli Fighting Rages


Ethiopian Troops Told To Leave, By Italy

Food Shortages Loom, Claims The World Food Program

US Africa Command Must Secure African Oil To Be Viable

African Union Soldiers Killed, But Uganda Claims "Progress"

The US Military Eyes New Command In Africa, Oil And Mineral Riches The Key


Afghanistan : Taliban Gets New Commander, He Announces Holy War Will Only End When Foreign Troops Leave

NATO Chief Warns Afghanistan Troop Pullout Would Be "Irresponsible"

"Don't Abandon Us," Begs Afghanistan President Karzai

Nine Oil Tankers Carrying NATO Resupplies Destroyed By Militants


Nine US Warships Gather For "Exercises" Off The Coast Of Iran

Iran : Iranian Money And Bomb Making Supplies Found During Baghdad Raid, Claims US Military

The Sudanese Government Is Trying to Ban Reports Detailing Actions Of Rebel Groups In Darfur

Turkey Blames Kurds For Bomb Attack That Killed Six, Injured 100