Thursday, March 01, 2007

Out Of Action

Due to travelling through the Australian outback, this site will probably be free of updates until March 9 or March 10. Sorry to our thousands of regular visitors. Should a major incident occur between now and then that dramatically affects WWIV as we've come to know it, we'll get to a computer.

In the meantime, the most interesting 'event' of the past two weeks would have to be the sudden change of direction by BushCo when it comes to Iran and Syria, as they relate to Iraq. There is unlikely to be further harsh sanctions imposed on Iran in the coming month, as China and Russia have made clear they will not tolerate this, nor will they tolerate airstrikes, by the US or Israel.

For now, the US, and Israel, will have little choice but to believe Iran when it says it has no interest in nuclear weapons, as the War On Iraq has left both with little choice by to work with the Shiite powers of the Middle East. The dream of a Sunni nations power play against the rising Shiite crescent seems to have fallen apart before it even came together.