Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Iraq Erupts On The Eve Of Bush's New War Plan Announcements

The War For Iraq's Oil Has Almost Been Won

Tonight, US President Bush will unveil his new plans for how the Iraq War is to be fought by the United States in the coming 12 to 24 months.

He is expected to announce that some 20,000 more troops will be "surged" into Baghdad, and that the American forces will team up with the Iraqi Army to hammer first the Sunni insurgency, and then the Shiite militias.

Considering that the Maliki government was thrust into power, and remains in power today, due only to the political, social and street fighting powers of the Shiite militias, the crackdown on those aligned with Bush's nemesis, Moqtada al-Sadr, in particular, will be a long time coming.

Shiite-affiliated Army officers will not go after their 'brothers'. So it will be up to the US to hit the Shiite slums to rout the 'terrorists' and 'extremists', while the Iraqi Army slaughters more Sunnis.

That is, if Bush's 'The New New Way Forward Plan' ever sees the cold, hard light of World War 4 reality, that is.

Bush faces an incredible amount of opposition to his plans, before they've ever been announced.

Beset by leaks, Republican dissent, international condemnation and reflections on how his plans are similar to Vietnam War troop surges, President Bush could find himself announcing war plans that will not only be opposed by Congress, but by the very soldiers he intends to send.

And that spells mutiny.

US Congress, now controlled by the Democrats, may even block Bush from getting the funding he needs to go forward with his escalation plans for the Iraq War.

While pro-war Republicans, the blogger armies of anti-Left, and the corporate opionista, will wail and scream about how the Democrats "don't support the troops", relatively few Americans will back them up, or speak out in support of Bush's plans.

In fact, USA Today features a poll and cover story today that spells out a tide of dissent amongst Americans unmatched in the entire war-time history :
Those surveyed oppose the idea of increased troop levels by 61%-36%. Approval of the job Bush is doing in Iraq has sunk to 26%, a record low.
The poll also reveals 80% believe the war has not gone as well as BushCo planned, and more than half directly blame the president for this catastrophjc failure. Only 41%, however, blame the Iraqi government for the increasing level of violence in greater Baghdad.

That Americans roundly blame BushCo. for the bloodbath growing bigger by the day across most of Iraq spells disaster for the Republicans PR campaign of trying to convince Americans that the Iraqis are now responsible for the violence in their country, not America. Clearly Americans still believe that it is up to BushCo. to stop the bloodshed.

Letters To The Editor of newspapers across the US, talk radio, the comments section of blogs and news sites, are filling up with American dissent, and its getting angrier, and more aggressive.

There is growing talk of American National Guard and Army Reserve forces refusing to follow BushCo. orders to deploy, or redeploy, to Baghdad in the coming months, and some commentators in mainstream media are speculating that their own president might not even "make it" to the end of his second presidential term.

Meanwhile in Iraq, gun battles have raged across Baghdad, and a dozen other cities and major populations centres across Iraq, leaving more than 50 people dead.

The fury that erupted following the very public execution of Saddam Hussein has not abated, and there are reports that Sunni insurgents hung dozens of hooded men from nooses slug over power poles and electricity wires in Baghdad slums.

While the Iraqi Army may go after the Sunni insurgents in BushCo.'s coming war plans, American forces are expected to directly take on the Shiite militias. But they can't even get into the outer streets of the militia enclave Sadr City, without encountering snipers and IED attacks.

Reaching the core of the massive slum, from which mortars and rockets are being launched into Sunni neighbourhoods, and American bases, is expected to cost many American lives.

But even a troop surge is unlikely to bring peace, or even a reduction in violence and unrest to Baghdad, and Iraq in turn, in the coming months.

The new American commander for Iraq thinks it may still be another two or three years before they can talk seriously about a more peaceful, more stable Iraq :
Lieutenant General Raymond Odierno, who took up the second ranking U.S. military post in Iraq a month ago, told reporters the American public would need patience to see a stable Iraq but also said he hoped Iraqi troops could be in control of Baghdad within months after a new operation mounted with U.S. help.

Speaking ahead of Washington's expected announcement of a new approach in Iraq, Odierno said: "The mission now is to defeat the ... insurgency and to train Iraqi security forces. "Over time we can accomplish the mission. That time I put two or three years from now. The issue becomes are we willing to wait two or three years or do we want to speed it up?"

Although President Bush
has recently adopted the line, "We're not winning in Iraq...but we're not losing," he only came to make such a frank admission because the majority view of the American public could no longer be ignored.

Since the insurgency began, shortly after the Coalition of the Willing swept into Baghdad in April 2003, BushCo. has maintained that they are "winning in Iraq". This stance confused and angered many Americans, and the senior ranks of the US military, because only a blind fool couldn't see that the war was not being won. At least, it wasn't being won in the way that we were told it would be won. That is fast and decisively with few American casualties.

But Bush wasn't lying all those long months of bodybags and American flag draped coffins.

The War For Iraq's Oil was being won. And now, victory is close.

Chris Floyd, a truth-teller widely despised by Americans who like to deceive their fellow country men over the realities behind the Iraq War, explains why :

For Bush, victory is indeed at hand. It could come at any moment now, could already have been achieved by the time you read this. And the driving force behind his planned "surge" of American troops is the need to preserve those fruits of victory that are now ripening in his hand.

At any time within the next few days, the Iraqi Council of Ministers is expected to approve a new "hydrocarbon law" essentially drawn up by the Bush Administration and its UK lackey, the Independent on Sunday reports. The new bill will "radically redraw the Iraqi oil industry and throw open the doors to the third-largest oil reserves in the world," say the paper, whose reporters have seen a draft of the new law. "It would allow the first large-scale operation of foreign oil companies in the country since the industry was nationalized in 1972." If the government's parliamentary majority prevails, the law should take effect in March.

As the paper notes, the law will give Exxon, BP, Shell and other carbon cronies of the White House unprecedented sweetheart deals, allowing them to pump gargantuan profits from Iraq's nominally state-owned oilfields for decades to come.

This law has been in the works since the very beginning of the invasion – indeed, since months before the invasion, when the Bush Administration brought in Phillip Carroll, former CEO of both Shell and Fluor, the politically-wired oil servicing firm, to devise "contingency plans" for divvying up Iraq's oil after the attack. Once the deed was done, Carroll was made head of the American "advisory committee" overseeing the oil industry of the conquered land,

Bush is expected to also announce in his 'My Big Plan For Victory In Iraq' speech to sent benchmarks for the Iraq government, one of which will be finalising the future of Iraq's oil.

You don't need to guess what sort of pressure will be used to get that paperwork signed quick smart.

Expect a good number of the car bombings and assassinations of government ministers, and their families, to draw to a close shortly after the future of Iraq's oil wealth is signed over to the global fuel giants.

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The War For Iraq's Oil Has Almost Been Won