Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Juan Cole, of 'Informed Comment,' has compiled a Top Ten of American-media pumped myths about the Iraq War.

He shreds the last strands of credibility from such fictionals as :

- The United States can still the 'War On Iraq'.

- There is no civil war now raging in Iraq.

- The controversial Lancet Study, which proposed war-related deaths in Iraq were over 600,000, is seriously flawed and unreliable.

- Most of the violence in Iraq is confined to Baghdad, and surrounding districts.

- Iraq is "the central front in the War On Terror".

- Sunni resistance fighters will follow Americans home with terror attacks if they are not beaten and destroyed in Iraq.

Interesting to note that Juan Cole's site is now one of the most popular amongst United States' intelligence agencies, full of desperate analysts trying to understand the truth about what is happening in Iraq.

From the story :
Bush and others in his administration have argued that setting such a timetable would give a significant military advantage to the guerrillas fighting US forces and opposed to the new government. That assertion makes sense only if there were a prospect that the US could militarily crush the Sunni Arabs.

There is no such prospect.

The guerrilla war is hotter now than at any time since the US invasion. It is more widely supported by more Sunni Arabs than ever before. It is producing more violent attacks than ever before. Since we cannot defeat them short of genocide, we have to negotiate with them.

And their first and most urgent demand is that the US set a timetable for withdrawal before they will consider coming into the new political system. That is, we should set a timetable in order to turn the Sunni guerrillas from combatants to a political negotiating partner.

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