Monday, November 13, 2006



It is certainly an interesting coincidence that just as the United States, Britain and Australian leaders debate negotiations with Iran over how to end the Iraq War, and the Iraq Study Group made up of former presiden Bush cronies is about to announce that Iran can be a "a partner for peace" in the Middle East, Israel again cuts loose with threats and warnings about Iran's nuclear energy program.

From the London Times :

Israel and Iran traded threats after Ehud Olmert arrived in the United States for talks with President Bush yesterday, warning Tehran that it should “start to fear” the consequences of trying to acquire nuclear weapons.

Iran responded swiftly that it would retaliate if attacked, escalating rhetoric over the issue that is likely to dominate talks between the Israeli Prime Minister and US President alongside continuing Israeli-Palestinian violence. Mr Olmert has said that the nuclear ambitions of Iran would be the main item on his agenda when he met US officials in Washington.

He was scheduled to meet Condoleezza Rice, the Secretary of State, yesterday and Mr Bush today.

Before the talks, Mr Olmert delivered a stark warning to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian President, calling him “a man who is ready to commit crimes against humanity, and . . . has to be stopped.”

He told Newsweek magazine that he would support any deal under which Iran stopped short of crossing the technological threshold into full nuclear capability. He added: “But I don’t believe that Iran will accept such compromise unless they have good reason to fear the consequences of not reaching a compromise. In other words, Iran must start to fear.”

Israeli officials have hinted that the Jewish state may try to halt the Iranian nuclear programme, as it did in 1981 by bombing the Osirak nuclear reactor in Iraq in order to destroy the atomic weapons programme of Saddam Hussein.

This prompted an immediate reply from Iran. Muhammad Ali Hosseini, a Foreign Ministry spokesman in Tehran, said: “If the Zionist regime commits such stupidity, the response by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard will be swift, strong and crushing. Iran will take no longer than a second to respond.”

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