Friday, October 20, 2006


The above weapon is being touted as capable of launching six high explosive grenades per second, and able to accurately take-out targets some 1.5 miles away, in daylight or night-time.

Considering this grenade 'machine gun' is being touted in the UK Daily Mail, you can rest assured it has already had full field tests in Iraq and Afghanistan.

From the Daily Mail :

Unveiling the new Automatic Lightweight Grenade Launcher ministers promised a 'significant enhancement in firepower' following mounting concerns over the size and strength of the force which Britain has committed to operations in the volatile southern Helmand Province.

Sources described the system as a 'small artillery piece in all but name', which can be mounted on a Land Rover for rapid movement.

Commanders are hoping it will prove ideal for tackling groups of heavily-armed Taliban fighters who mount lighting strikes against British camps and patrols before melting back into the rugged landscape.

It can be mounted on a tripod to defend airstrips or camps or fitted to a Land Rover for mobile patrols. Some infantry troops already carry grenade launchers fitted to their assault rifles, but the larger weapon has a far greater range and rate of fire.
Will it make that much of a difference in Iraq or Aghanistan? Perhaps, if the enemy was lined up in formation on the far side of the battlefield, but the biggest problem for all coalition forces in the 'War On Terror' has actually been finding the enemy.

The new weapon should prove effective, however, in clearing out suspect houses from a distance, or taking out vehicles well out of range of enemy fire.