Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Just how much damage did Israel's missiles, tank shells, artillery and array of experimental and classified weapons wreak upon Lebanon in the 34 day war?

According to this report, the destruction has been incredible, and far more devastating than most mainstream media stories in the West have revealed. The Arab media, of course, has chronicled the destruction in full to audiences across the world in the hundreds of millions.

Israel destroyed or damaged in South Lebanon :

1489 buildings

21 of 29 bridges over the Litani river

535 sections of road

545 cultivated fields

"In Beirut, 326 residential buildings have either been damaged or destroyed in the southern suburbs, of which 269 are located in the Haret Horaik area.

"All runways of Beirut airport and six strategic highway sections have been severely damaged."

The above figures come from an EU assessment report on the damage.
Lebanon's Prime Minister Fouad Siniora said yesterday that 130,000 housing units had been destroyed or damaged in more than a month of Israeli air raids and ground assaults fighting against Lebanon. $3.6 billion of physical damage is said to have inflicted on Lebanon, without counting the economic damage and loss.
More than 1000 civilians are believed to have died in the attacks by Israel, including waves of carpet bombing where ten block residential areas of apartment towers were levelled in half a day.

Remember, although Israel claims it was retaliating to rocket attacks on Israeli cities by launching, literally, tens of thousands of missiles and shells into Lebanon's civilian populations (including Christian dominated cities in the North, where Hizbullah have no presence), only Hizbullah is accused by the US, the UK and Australia of commiting acts of terrorism.

It's a double standard that wins the West no friends in the Arab world.

All bombs dropped on civilian populations cause terror, whether they come from legitimate armies or terrorist groups.

And all bombings are acts of terrorism to those on whom they fall and amongst whom they explode, and kill, and shred to ribbons.

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