Thursday, September 21, 2006


Israel's destruction of Southern Lebanon continues to rain down a hellstorm of diplomatic fallout.

That the US fully backed Israel to hit Hizbullah with "decisive" blows, which failed to dislodge the resistance movement, is all but forgotten now, and US diplomats and Bush-backers rarely mention Israel's actions had the blessing of the virtually the whole of the US Senate and Congress.

Now dozens of countries have put their name to a document that ignores the US/UK/Australia proscription of Hizbullah as a terrorist entity, and praises it for its resistance to Israel's deadly aggression.

From the Jerusalem Post :

A Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) "final document" praising Lebanon for its "heroic resistance to the Israeli aggression" has irked government officials in Jerusalem because some countries with close bilateral ties with Israel are a part of the movement and, as such, ostensibly signed off on the resolution.

According to the 143rd clause of the 280-clause final document, "The Heads of State or Government expressed solidarity with and support for the Government and people of Lebanon, hailed their heroic resistance to the Israeli aggression, and emphasized the primordial importance of Lebanon's national unity and stability."

Among the NAM members are India, Thailand, Ethiopia, Kenya, the Philippines, Honduras and Guatemala, all countries with which Israel has strong relations.

"This is clearly unacceptable, and totally out of line with the good bilateral relations we have with some of the NAM countries," one government source said.

Israel has relations with about 90 of the 118 NAM members.

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