Sunday, June 25, 2006


UPDATE : Amnesty For The Insurgency Now Looks Set To Be Delayed Until After US November Elections - US Senators Express Outrage At Thought American-Killing Insurgents Might Not Face Justice

Even up until late last Friday, Bush Co was playing dumb over the incoming plan by the Iraqi government to end the US War On Iraq.

The 28 point plan, announced on Sunday by Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, is said to be both straightforward and wide-ranging, and is already being well recieved by Iraqis. At least, those who believe the plan will quicken the US pullout of forces from their country. After all, getting the US out of Iraq has always been the chief motivation of the Iraq Insurgency.

The Grand Plan calls for insurgents to stop fighting under a general amnesty, for thousands of Iraqi prisoners to be freed from jails, and in particular US detention camps within the country, and for foreign troops to start detailing their withdrawal plans.

The most contentious issue for Bush Co, and the neocon media wizards who will have to spin the news in a major way, concerns the Iraq government granting amnesty to possibly thousands of Sunni and Shiite insurgents who have fought and killed Americans.

In particular, the amnesty for the insurgency is expected to recognise that any Iraqi who fought the invading coalition forces, but didn't attack their fellow Iraqis, were defending their souvereign country and therefore committed no crime.

The amnesty, therefore, would make the general insurgency legit and even lawful.

This also means, in short, that most of the insurgency actions will be recognised as essentially legal and should see the insurgency itself go down in the history of Iraq as a movement of legitimate armed resistance instead of a bunch of terrorists.

No doubt, the NeoCon spin machine will blame Iran (whether Iran is responsible or not) for the majority of IED attacks on primarily American forces, as this will help lift much of the blame for dead Americans off Iraq's Sunni and Shiite insurgents.

Expect Fox News and the right wingnut blogosphere to hit the afterburners trying to spin this news so it doesn't appear that free and democratic Iraq is handing out 'Do Not Go Directly To Jail' cards to Iraqi fighters who only a year ago were called terrorists and who have inflicted the majority of US casualties and fatalities.

Bush Co knew this amnesty for the insurgency was on its way, which is why more than six months ago, President Bush, Defence Secretary Rumsfeld and Vice-President Dick Cheney stopped using the word 'terrorist' to describe all Iraqis who were fighting American forces, and began divvying up the sprawling insurgency into "Saddamists" "Bathhists" "foreign fighters" "Al Qaeda terrorists" and "Sunni and Shiite insurgents".

President Bush has also stopped using his mantra of "We Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists" in recent months, talking more about the wonders and positives of diplomacy, particularly when it comes to dealing with Iran.

The rebranding of the Iraqi Insurgency months ago was part of the essential groundwork that needed to be laid to get Americans used to the idea that very few Iraqis will face trial or have "justice delivered" for taking part in the resistance.

What will happen to those insurgents, Iraqi or foreigners, who attacked and killed Iraqis remains to be seen.

Prosecuting these killers may also be troublesome for the Iraq government because there is a widespread belief in Iraq, and around the world, that many of the Shiite death squads currently slaughtering Sunnis and causing general mayhem are supported, and derived, from some ranks of the new government.

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