Sunday, May 21, 2006


One of the first actions taken by the new Iraq Government was for the Foreign Minister to announce that Iraq is ready to renew and strengthen ties and expand relations with Iran.

....the Iraqi foreign minister underlined that his country will strive to further broaden all out good neighborly ties with all countries, particularly its neighbors, and called for exchange of visits by officials of both countries to discuss issues of mutual interests.

He also expressed satisfaction about the upcoming visit of Iranian foreign minister to Baghdad and described the visit as a sign of Iran's determination to support the Iraqi government.


British PM Tony Blair has cut a secret deal with US President Bush for the whitdrawal of British troops from Iraq based around the 'turning point' of Iraq announcing it's new government. More than 2000 British troops are currently in Iraq, and they faced more than 40 direct attacks in the past two weeks in and around Basra,

Meanwhile, Iran is blaming the US and Britain for skirmishes on its border with Iraq.

Iranian police said on Saturday they had found papers linking Britain and the United States to vaguely identified "bandits" in a border province which is a drug smuggling center and a base for Sunni Muslim guerrillas.

A British diplomat in Tehran said Britain had nothing to do with mounting lawlessness in the southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchistan. The United States has no embassy in Iran.

Iran has previously blamed Britain and the United States for bombings and killings in its increasingly volatile frontier regions where unrest is simmering among Kurdish, Arab and Baluch minorities. Washington and London deny any involvement.

INDIA : Seeks Closer Ties With China's Massive Military Forces

JAPAN : Draws Up Plans For Fast Withdrawal From Iraq

NORTH KOREA : Long Range Missiles Launch Rattles US

AFHGANISTAN : Worst Days Of Fighting Since 2001.

SYRIA : Ties On Regional Security Firm With Iran

IRAN : Israel Continues To Urge US To Launch Attacks

EGYPT : Strains Show In Relationship With US, President Accusses US Of "Double Standards"

IRAQ : Italy Will Draw Up Plans Next Week To Begin Withdrawal

ISRAEL : French Foreign Minister Warns Against Redrawing Of Borders Without Negotiations With Palestinians

PALESTINE : Hamas And Hamas Police Forces Battle It Out In The Streets

VENEZUELA : Key US Media Begins Promoting Country As Terrorist State

CUBA : Signs 'Co-Operation Agreement' With North Korea

PAKISTAN : Rejects Claims From Kabul That It Back, Supports Taleban Fighting On Border With Afghanistan

AUSTRALIA : Caving-In Under Pressure, Will Now Officially Recognise West Papua As Territory Of Indonesia

KASHMIR : Seven Killed As Militants Fire Into Crowd At Indian Congress