Thursday, May 04, 2006


Meanwhile, back in Venezuela, the commander of Army, General Raul Isaias Baduel, claims
his forces are ready to drive back any threat or aggression from the US.

Such bold statements from the general come in the wake of US Military maneuvers in the Caribbean and play well with the masses in Venezuela. Like the US with its nuclear paranoia over Iran, every major power has to have its enemies.

The general says Venezuela's National Armed Forces are "monitoring all activities that might indicate some sort of threat against the nation's territory", and have cooked up a number possible scenarios that could threaten Venezuelan security.

The first one deals with the concept of a fourth generation war that includes includes any
conflict in which one of the major participants is not considered a state, rather a violent ideological network.

The second one has to do with domestic destabilization and disarticulation such as coups and subversive actions, while the third one could be a military intervention.

As the last example, a possible regional conflict, by which international bodies could internally destabilize Venezuela and lead to an invasion - such as the overthrow of the Iraqi regime.

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