Monday, February 13, 2006


In April, a US led maritime drill/exercise aimed at intercepting WMDs will take place in waters off the Australian coast. The fact that South Korea will take part in these exercises has led North Korea to claim such “antagonims” could lead to nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula.

South Korea said they would only be sending a delegation to watch the drills, but North Korea has not been sated by “these excuses”.

The Korean News Agency has run a series of harsh warnings aimed at South Korea, calling the sending of a delegation to these exercises, "another unpardonable treacherous crime as it means a collusion with the outside forces in their moves for a war of aggression against fellow countrymen."

The drills, claimed the news agency, "are part of the U.S. moves to invent a pretext for infringing upon other countries' sovereignty and invading them."

The North Korean News Agency ran quotes stating, "It is also a dangerous act of bringing the disaster of a nuclear war to the Korean Peninsula. (South Korea's) decision is fraught with greater danger as it came after they consented to the 'strategic flexibility' of the U.S. troops in south Korea recently and announced their plan to go ahead with joint military exercises with the U.S. as scheduled this year.

"The U.S. is the biggest possessor and spreader of the WMD and the arch nuclear criminal in the world. Yet, it is crying out for deterring someone from 'proliferating WMD,' shelving its own crimes. This is like a thief crying 'Stop the thief!'"

The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea warned South Korea that the nation had "better behave themselves, keenly aware that it is the most shameless and despicable act of treachery to do harm to the fellow countrymen by conspiring with the foreign aggressors and robbers."

South Korea authorities should "immediately withdraw the above-said decision, bearing deep in mind that their treacherous collusion with the U.S. in its reckless moves to invade the north will only bar the inter-Korean relations from favorably developing and entail such grave consequences as bringing the disaster of a nuclear war to the Korean Peninsula."